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Why We Need Your Help


Champions For Heroes is a non-profit started to help U.S. Military Veterans locate and secure career development services and job training that enables them to seamlessly re-enter the civilian workforce after their service in the U.S. Armed Forces.


We are now at a point where the number of Veterans we are seeing is growing and we want to be able to help as many as we can while the interest from our corporate partners willing to hire Veterans is rapidly increasing. The need for our services is becoming more and more important, so we need to raise money to support our efforts and expand our network.


We need your help!




The Impact


Your donations will directly help Veterans identify new career opportunities, not just find jobs. Our goal is to help Veterans identify long-term, high paying career options and helping them get training that will enable them to thrive over the long term.


After nearly two decades of war, most of the veterans we have helped to date have been in combat. Most of them have unselfishly risked their very lives for our country. Although it is a widely over-used phrase, it is true that U.S. Military Veterans "fought for our freedom" in one way or another. 


We have an opportunity to simply offer them a small token of gratitude, which is simply the helping hand of trying to help them find a job they will excel at so that they can provide for their families after their service is done.


It is sometimes very difficult for military personnel to integrate back into the corporate or civilian world and our organization helps them interpret their military skills into workplace skills and it is our mission to help simplify this process for them.



Donations Pay For:

  • Video Resume

  • Resume Writing Services

  • Job Search Tools

  • Dedicated Recruiter

  • Financial Aide

  • Grants

  • Employer Introductions

  • Job Interview Training


Military discharges Active Service members Annually


Reserve and National Guard members are discharged Annually

Over 1,000,000

Number of Veterans currently unemployed.


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